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Ryan K. Davidson is a magician from Glasgow, Scotland specialising in unique and intimate performances.

His interest in sleight-of-hand started after a chance meeting with a former hustler in Greece. After a late night in the hotel listening to tales of successful hustles and scams, the shared working of a con game with Ryan would change his life. This interest in con artists and crooked gambling cheats eventually crossed over into the art of magic and psychology.

Since deciding to perform publicly, he has been invited to perform at private and corporate events in some of the most luxurious venues throughout the UK and in Europe.

As well as close-up engagements, Ryan has also written and performed several one-man shows. His debut show entitled Past Times Of The Strange sold out every show of its run in Glasgow in 2012. The follow up was the intimate theatre show An Honest Deception which premiered in Glasgow in 2014, selling out it’s run of 5 nights in less than 5 hours.

His last live project, titled Little Mysteries, sold out a 16 month residency in a private suite in the luxurious Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow to much acclaim. Little Mysteries was extended after a successful 12 month run with the extra dates selling out in 4 minutes.

His latest show DEVILRY is in the West End of Glasgow in The Websters Theatre for a limited run in October 2018. Get tickets by clicking here.

He currently lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

A spark of genius